Message from our President and CEO Mr. A. M. Bustillo

We are striving to implement, correctly capitalize and operate a cost efficient multipurpose RORO vessel along the “Marine Highway” parallel to I-95.

Our original conception will generate much needed employment in our dormant economy.

Who will benefit. Employment of a US Flag vessel and crew. New jobs in the States of Florida and New York. Ports of Miami and New York. Stevedoring companies in each port and Shipping agents in each port. Ship chandlers in each port. Bunkers in each port. Freight forwarders. Foreign flag carriers could transship containers to our US Flag vessel.

The over the road transportation companies will benefit by removing their vehicles from I-95. Less wear and tear to truck and trailers, less time on the road could generate cheaper insurance premiums, less road accidents and less litigation costs. Just deliver your vehicles at loading port and pick them at discharge port.

We are confident that the US Department of Transportation, the US Maritime Administration and the Governments of the States of Florida and New York will view the prompt realization of this much needed project as we do.


About Mr. A. M. Bustillo

Our President and CEO has vast managerial experience, having occupied top level positions with Blue Water Liner Service Companies in the areas of International & Domestic Marketing, Pricing, Cost Control, Operations, Vessel Management and Logistics.

For seven years, culminating in 2008, Mr. Bustillo was Executive Logistic Consultant in charge of all lines vessels calling the Port of Miami for Inchcape Shipping Services, and previously, Executive Vice President for Caribbean Bulk Lines, Vice President Sales for Marine Bulk Carriers and lastly, Sales Manager with Admiral Shipping.

In the 1970’s Mr. Bustillo held managerial positions with Twentieh Century Fox Films in Mexico City and the Caribbean and in the 1980’s, Partner, at Richard K. Lorden, International Public Relations firm in charge of the Mexican Government Department of Tourism account for the US.



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